10 Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas Shot in Outdoor

Pet and pre-wedding

Pre-wedding shoot are becoming more trendy day by day. It is a great way to preserve love and affection in amazing photographs. You can cherish these photographs forever and relive those moments when you are not ‘married’ couples. Apart from relishing memories, it also helps in removing awkwardness which many couples face in front of the camera. To avoid this awkwardness on D-day, a pre-wedding photoshoot plays a major role. It allows you to get comfortable and spend quality time alone. There are many pre-wedding photoshoot ideas that you can opt for, but the best of them all is with a seashore theme and garden theme.

These two themes are one of the most unique, amazing, and in-budget themes. But the question which arises here is, what extra we can do to make these photos more amazing and fascinating? Well, to answer your question, we have an amazing list of pre-wedding shoot ideas with seashore and garden themes. These romantic ideas will make your wedding time more memorable and exciting. Moreover, you can use these photographs in your invitation card or on banners to let everyone know about your beautiful bond. Before providing you with some ideas, we are giving you some knowledge and some points which you need to remember before planning your pre-wedding shoot idea.

What to wear for a pre-wedding shoot?

If you are aware of the fact that these pre-wedding shoot photos will be seen and used even after 20-30 years after your wedding day, then you must be wearing something best. There are many outfit ideas to wear on your pre-wedding shoot day. Well, you can create your own also, but you will want something fashionable, something quirky, and something which suits you best. You can either go the traditional way wearing a luxurious suite or you can also go the western way wearing a Classy Gown or something. There are many ideas, but if you are thinking that you are short of ideas, then you can search for some from the Internet.

Dresses do not complete your full outfit during the pre-wedding shoot. You also need some props with the help of which you can click some amazing photographs. They can be umbrellas, fairy lights, wine glasses, romantic lights, and something like these. Be ready with these props too, and do not forget to keep your matching accessories with you during your pre-wedding photoshoot time.

When is the right time for a pre-wedding photoshoot?

You might be thinking that a photoshoot might be the task of just an hour or so, but you are the wrong fella. The pre-wedding photoshoot can easily consume your whole week. You have to travel to your desired destination, found proper natural lights, think of some ideas and plan everything. This whole can easily take away your full week. Thus, you cannot plan this pre-wedding photoshoot just before the wedding time. The perfect time for a pre-wedding photoshoot is between 6-7 months before the wedding to a month before the wedding. This will save you plenty of time during your busiest days. Doing perfect planning for your pre-wedding photoshoot requires some prerequisite knowledge which you can take from your person who will photograph and arrange your pre-wedding photoshoot. Planning your pre-wedding photoshoot before 3-4 months of the wedding will give you enough time to relish the moments and enjoy the cutest moments comfortably.

Who captures your pre-wedding shoot and how much it generally charges?

Your pre-wedding photoshoot is generally handled by a professional photographer. If you are hiring someone elite class photographer, there might be a team of professional photographers who will handle all your photoshoots. You can try to hire the same team as your pre-wedding photographer as you have hired during your wedding time. This will give you ample time to understand the needs of the photographer in every possible way and vice-versa.

So, about the cost of a pre-wedding photoshoot, it totally depends on you. As the quality of your photographs increases, the cost will also increase proportionally. Pre-wedding photographers can demand as low as 10,000 to cover all the photographs, and as high as 1-2 lakh INR for the best pre-wedding photoshoot. Generally, you will get some amazing clicks at your desired location in around 30-40 thousand in total. The type of photograph you want will decide the money you have to pay. For example, if you want some underwater clicks, then the payment will increase as usual.

Pre-wedding Shoot Ideas with Seashore and Garden Themes

This section will cover some amazing pre-wedding shoot ideas with seashore and garden themes. These ideas are tried and tested with and some of them have been taken from the list of renowned photographers. You can use these pre-wedding photoshoot ideas for your amazing memories.

1.    Shoot under a night light

Pre-wedding shoot ideas

Just imagine yourself near the seashore, during nighttime, just two lights are glowing up, one is the moon and the other is for you. This is one of the best pre-wedding photoshoot ideas with a seashore theme. This idea has been used by many famous personalities and thus is becoming quite famous nowadays. Your photographer will guide you on how to pose for the best photographs but trust me, all photographs will take away your heart with beauty. It will seem like the moon is showering his blessings on the soon-to-be-married couple.

2.    Shoot with colors all around

Pre-wedding shoot ideas

Who will not love a photoshoot with colors all around? I guess everyone! This photoshoot idea is one of the favorite ideas from renowned photographers. They use it every possible wedding because the contrast of colors gives a very good shot. The couple will look like blossoms in the open garden. You guys will look cuter and more attractive in the colorful background and open garden. You can take the help of any prop to look more attractive.

3.    Don’t forget your favorite cars!

Pre-wedding shoot ideas

Imagine driving your favorite car on the beach with your loved one, peaceful? Yes, it is. Photoshoot ideas in cars are quite unique but it is interesting. You can use your favorite car or your favorite bike to post and, in the background, there will be the eternal ocean. This will represent your pure love and affection towards each other. You will surely relive this day when you will watch these photographs again in this theme after 10-20 years of your wedding.

4.    Pre-wedding shoot with boats

Pre-wedding shoot ideas

Pre Wedding shoot using the boat as a prop is one of the coolest and the trendiest ideas. You will be like cool couples who are reliving their moments. Photoshoot on a boat gives you some other ideas also like underwater photoshoot, sunset photo shoot, photoshoot with fish, and a date photoshoot. There are many amazing ideas in which you can click your pre-wedding photographs. You can also set romantic scenery on the boat and make it look like a date in the sunset and then click some photographs. These shots will be amazing, and lavish for fancy couples. Have you seen the Titanic movie? Remember their last scene? If yes, then you might be craving to click that type of photograph with your love in Bollywood style.

5.    Plain photoshoot in the garden

Plain photoshoot in the garden

The plain photoshoot also looks good with perfect editing. If you are a romantic couple then you don’t need any fancy things to look good in photographs. If you are a nature lover, then this simple plain theme will also give you some perfect clicks. You can use some props for more amazing clicks. You can also take the help of trees and give some romantic poses. These romantic poses will mark the love in your starting phase.

6.    Pet and pre-wedding

Pet and pre-wedding

Pet can really play a major role in your pre-wedding photoshoot. They can increase the cuteness and elegance level of your every click. You can train them for a particular pose and then enjoy your perfect click.

7.    Pre-wedding photoshoot with the help of Books

Pet and pre-wedding

Reading a book together on the seashore, romantic? Yes, it is. There are many couples who are studious and love to read books. If you are this fond of reading books, then why don’t click your photographs on this theme. You both lovers can be a great companion together and can use your favorite book as the prop during sunset time for the perfect click.

8.    Shoot with props

Pet and pre-wedding

Props play a major role in the pre-wedding photoshoot. There are some couples who do not like simple plain photographs. For them, props can be a diligent idea. You can use anything like a fancy umbrella, plants, paintings, candles, books, and anything to click some amazing photographs. Your photographer will guide you with the poses and you just have to follow him/her. You can use your own creativity or take help from the internet for some more amazing ideas.

9.    Photoshoot in traditional

Pet and pre-wedding

You can wear something traditional for your photoshoot day to click some amazing photographs. Traditional clothes are always in demand. You can rock the plain garden photoshoot theme with these ideas. You can use some props to add some craftiness to your theme. If you are using this idea in a seashore theme, then tell your photographer to guide you guys for perfect poses.

10. Photoshoot in rain

Pet and pre-wedding

The Rainy season is always a romantic season. You can hold your partner in your arms, under the open sky in the rainy season, this will give a perfect shot! If it is not raining at that time, then with the help of your photography team, you can use the shower to create fake rain which will give the same effect. This will really give a tend-to-perfect shot which you will remember your lifetime.

So, here were some of the pre-wedding shoot ideas with seashore and garden themes. You can use your own creativity to add something else to these ideas. Comment down your favorite theme idea in which you will click your pre-wedding photos down in the comment section.

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