5 Ways To Encourage Your Child To Play An Instrument

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Many children naturally interested in playing an instrument or singing. Maybe they saw a character on their favorite TV show playing an instrument, or maybe they saw their school friends or parents play the instruments. It might just be that they’ve seen a YouTube movie of a guy playing guitar solo at warp speed and saying, “Wow, I’d like to try that.” Below you will find 5 ways to help and encourage your child to explore musical instruments.


Of course, not all children will be interested in playing musical instrument.

It may not be that they don’t want to, it may be that they have not been exposed to musical instruments and have no concept of how fun it is to create music on your own. In that case, check out 5 ways to help and encourage your child to play an instrument school   below, and hopefully, they pick up an instrument and start having fun. 🙂


1: Explain to your child how the basic toys he used to play when he was really young are different from the musical instruments that older children and adults play. Children usually start with small electronic keyboards that play all the musical “sounds”. You can distinguish between “keyboard drum sound” and real drum kit. You can also take out some pots and pans and create your own drum set. 🙂


2: Play a musical instrument for your child. It doesn’t matter how bad the play is, the fact that you find it fun will reflect on your child. If you simply play guitar, your child will want to “try it.” You can develop their enthusiasm by giving them a suitable guitar for a child.


3: Explore video-sharing sites and show your child how different instruments make different sounds. Your child may prefer the sound of the flute to the sound of the flute…but just being aware of the different instruments and the sounds they make will be a great learning experience for your child.


4: Find out what your school or kindergarten offers.

Your child may be doing music lessons. Find out from the teacher if your child has any desire to learn a particular machine, and if so, what it is.


5: Use a little sibling rivalry. If one of the children enjoys playing an instrument, it is very likely that the other will like it. All you have to do is have one child start learning his or her favorite instrument, while the other naturally wants to imitate his siblings…maybe not with the same instrument, but another kid to suit them.

We all know that nurturing our children’s creativity is important. But encouraging them to put away their TV remote and pick up something like a musical instrument isn’t always easy. However, if your kids bitten by a music bug, what are the best tools they can pick up and play?


Your child’s school often actively encourages them to use a musical instrument, so there are plenty of opportunities for them to get creative. Here, we look at six of the best musical instruments for kids of all ages:

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