8 great time-tracking apps for freelancers


It’s not easy to choose a time tracking app that will help keep you focused, organized, and on task. Every day a new option comes up, and they all seem the same.

However, not all time-tracking software is created equal. Some are built with remote teams and others give priority to individual freelancers. Some have a free-lancer mindset while others are focused on making it easier for managers. Many can be downright creepy and may not offer privacy for the people who install them.

There are many questions that people have when trying to find the best time-tracking application. To help freelancers, we are breaking down the barriers and answering all of your questions to create a list containing 8 top tracking apps.

These apps will track and boost your productivity.

1. Due Time Tracking

Price: Unlimited for the Life

Due is a small and discreet app that lets you track your time with automatic idle detection. Just start the timer and a session will immediately start. Due time tracker can be used to generate invoices for projects based on hourly rates. The Due time tracking app makes it easy for clients to be organized by name and address. You can also set hourly rates or use different currencies. Linkedin

2. Calendar

Price: No cost / $10 per calendar for automated meeting transcriptions.

Calendar is the next generation for the calendar app. Calendar allows for easy time tracking, schedule management, meeting scheduling, and sharing of multiple digital calendars. It will allow you to monitor and manage your time as well as make it easier to schedule meetings and events.

3. Harvest

Price: $12/month Solo; $49/month Basic; $99/month Business

Harvest is another great time tracking tool for freelancers. You can use it to track multiple projects at the same moment, even though they all have different tasks. Working with a group, Harvest allows you to assign tasks within a project directly to team members. If you use other apps for remote work, such as Basecamp, integration is easy.

Harvest’s main drawback aside from its high pricing is that Harvest does not offer desktop monitoring options, such as active application tracking or URL tracking.

4. TopTracker

Get the price of nothing

TopTracker ranks number one on this list because it was designed by a leading freelancing network for freelancers. The app isn’t tied into any job platform and has no contractual obligations. TopTracker offers a completely free version, which means that there are no restrictions on the number of versions. Freelancers have complete control over what and how often they track.

TopTracker makes good use of time-tracking tools like screenshots, timers, and webcam photos. However, freelancers can have total control by choosing how often things get tracked, adding options like written task descriptions only, or blurred images. Free, standalone application that works on OS X or Windows. Linux support is in the pipeline.

5. Tick

Price: $0-$149/month

Tick’s price is dependent on how many projects Tick has open at any time. So if you have one-project at a time freelancer, you can probably get away with using it free. Let’s face facts: Would you really need a time tracker app if you were working on a single project? What salary would you be able to make? Tick can be used on any device. Be careful with pricing if there are many projects you are working on at once.

6. RescueTime

Price: RescueTimeLite Premium is $9/month; RescueTimeLite Lite is Free

RescueTime is great for freelancers that want to track their time and not have to report back to managers. RescueTime works in the same way as other time tracking apps. You will receive detailed reports, a complete picture of your daily activities, and you can even ask questions. The app does NOT send information to clients and managers.

7. Toggl

Price: Basic Free, $5/month Pro, $49/month Business

Toggl is a time-tracking software that was built with speed and ease in mind. Toggl generates easy-to-read reports. It tracks your work in realtime, so long as it’s turned on. Toggl makes it easy to record work time for freelancers. Because the app was developed for team productivity, individual freelancers might encounter extra features.

8. Klok Desktop Application

Price: $19.99

Klok can be used to do team-based work but freelancers may prefer to use its desktop app. This is in contrast to its team console. This time-tracking tool uses data from past projects, to help you determine how much time you’ll require for future projects. The app can help you organize your work by dividing it into categories. This allows you to see how much time you’ve spent in meetings and on the phone versus self-marketing.



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