All you need to know about Microwave Oven


All you need to know about Microwave Oven



Are you bored of the same old methods of cooking and recipes of food? Then all you need is a Microwave Oven, it is one of the most popular home appliances these days.

A microwave oven is an appliance used to grill, reheat, bake and cook food. There are endless recipes and food items that can be made in ovens. These are ideal for modular kitchens as they help us to do the work in less time. The best performance microwaves will give you an amazing experience every time you use them.

There are many models of ovens in the market with different sizes, colors, designs, and features. The market is flooded with these appliances as in recent years they have gained a lot of popularity. You will get everything you are looking for according to your choices and requirements.

This article will help you understand more about these Ovens. It will clear your doubts as well as answer your questions.



Types of Microwave Ovens


Grill Microwave Oven

Grill Microwave Ovens are the ones that come with some additional grilling accessories. These ovens are also okay for simple cooking, reheating with more attention to grilling features. They are best for grilling meat and soft vegetables.


Solo Microwave Ovens

Solo Microwave Ovens are the basic ovens that are ideal for cooking, reheating, and defrosting but cannot be used to grill and bake. For these basic needs, this one will be suitable as it doesn’t have any special features.


Convection Microwave Ovens

Convection Microwave Ovens are ideal for baking and grilling purposes. These are fit for your kitchen if you rely on ovens for more than just reheating. These ovens are quite expensive as compared to the other models.


Features to look for :


Power Consumption

If you cook heavy food items then you must go for a more powerful microwave oven. Otherwise, a less powerful one will also do for basic needs.



Defrost is a special feature that allows it to heat the frozen item.


Child lock

Ovens could be very dangerous if not used with caution and children are unaware of that. If you have children at home then this is a must-have feature in your oven.


Best Microwave Oven of 2021


LG 28 L

Bajaj MTBX 20 L

Godrej 30 L

Samsung 35 L

IFB 30 L

Amazon Basic 30 L

Panasonic 27 L




Microwave Ovens are in demand because they are not at all time-consuming and also very useful. These appliances go very well with your modular kitchens. You should choose them according to your needs and requirements because unnecessarily spending money is a total waste. It is only worth paying for useful features. Non-vegetarians food consists of the chicken recipe, the fish recipe can be very easily cooked in a microwave oven. They are also suitable for vegetarian dishes, bakery items, and other foodstuffs. This article will help you give a lot of information regarding microwave ovens and will also help you choose the perfect fit for your kitchen.


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