Beauty Benefits Of Drinking Water Every Day

Beauty Benefits of drinking water

Been advised to have 8 glasses of water to achieve that glowy fresh, pimple-free, and young-looking face? Wondering how that even works?

First, let us have a look at the importance of having water

1. Water, constituting the largest component of the human system, is essential for the normal physiological balance of the human body. 

In Fact, some researchers have proved water acts as an anti-aging promoter.

2. It helps in thermoregulation and regulates the body temperature, it also acts as a lubricant and shock absorbent.

3. It helps in maintaining the body volume, therefore, prevents the body from getting dehydrated.

4. Helps in better brain functioning, maintains energy level, and flushes out toxins.

5. Water content plays a different role in skin function as a “barrier” or “envelope” in terms of dermatology.

6. The deficiency of water is directly related to dermatological dysfunction.

The water intake, the water content of the dietary nutrients, and the water produced, all play a vital role in the functioning of the human body.

Therefore according to the dietary guidelines, it is necessary to have 2-3L of water every day. 

Here is all that you will know about the magic that water does

1. Weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, water does wonder. It acts as an appetite suppressant and helps in suppressing hunger and makes you feel fuller. It helps you get rid of unwanted hunger. Helps in improving metabolism, making exercising easier and better functioning of the body.

 Better performance=Better health

2. pH balance

 Your skin must have a balanced pH of 7 which ranges from 0 to 14, from being the most acidic to being alkaline. Washing your face thoroughly at least twice or thrice a day does the job.

Keeping it clean and oil-free does the job.

3. Wrinkles

Staying hydrated and refreshed helps in maintaining skin elasticity. People who drink more water are less likely to have wrinkles and look much younger. Getting rid of saggy skin, and tight skin that reflects your facial structures and is more attractive.

4. Pimple treatment 

In a fast-moving world, pimples are likely to occur be it the men or women. It comes up due to many reasons ranging from bacterias and microbes to pollution and stress. Dryness leading to oily skin is one of the reasons, clogs the pores which eventually protrudes out and happens to become a pimple.

Washing your face and staying hydrated is really crucial.

It is necessary to take intense care of your skin.

5. Natural moisturizer

Like the cosmetic moisturizers that we use for makeup, we need to use natural moisturizers. Water happens to be the best and effortless moisturizer to work upon. Getting rid of dry skin, oily skin, or acne skin; water is the go-to.

Drinking water and rinsing your face with it regularly helps you achieve clearer and brighter skin.

6. Healthy Hair

Looking out for “9 Tips to get healthy hair”? It is scientific that when our body runs low on fluids, our hair tends to become weaker and is prone to damage and breaks. It loses shine and volume; becomes frizzier, dry, and harder to manage.

Thinking of ways to increase water intake?

The water intake in our diet can be increased easily and just by doing that we can help out ourselves in solving many problems.

Infinite problems? 1 solution

1. Carry a water bottle

Since being hydrated is crucial, it is suggested that one must carry it everywhere they go. It prevents you from getting dehydrated.

It is irrational to think that a glass of water could help you achieve glowy, brighter skin.

2. Nutrient-rich fluids

Drinking juices of different fruits are healthy and highly nutritious and provide the fiber that our body needs. It is probably the best thing to have all year round, be it the summers or the winters.

 3. Drinking water

Drinking water consciously itself is the easiest method. We must make it an integral part of our routine. If you want to be sure of the amount you are consuming, it would be great to have your own bottle and make a target to finish it entirely in the day. 

4. Early Morning

Are you someone who grabs a cup of coffee in the morning? Let us make a change and substitute with something more refreshing and energizing, something calorie deficient. What better way than replacing it with a glass of water? Grab yourself a glass or two and you are ready to start off the day.

5. Water with meals

It is healthy to have water before the meal considering it acts as an appetite suppressant and makes you feel fuller. It helps you make it a part of your routine and provides the nutrient that the body needs. 

Easy and nutritious 

6. Water-rich foods

Having green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, and including many more of them in your diet is a great way to supplement water in the diet. Since our body absorbs water from our diet, it is a great way to include such foods.

By now you must have known the various beauty benefits of having water every day, it is time that you inculcate some of the habits and let it do its magic. Try it out for yourself; try out different ways of having it as a habit that is mentioned above and an integral part.

Let us get the toxins off our body, be energized with a healthy metabolism and great brain functioning; getting a glowy, brighter, pimple-free and young-looking face, healthy skin, and healthy hair.

During times of pandemic, many of us understand the importance of things that are around us which we once carelessly looked at.

Hygiene is given the utmost priority. From using hand wash to sanitizers, we are living in the new normal with many other changes. 

Water being the major solvent in these with the other chemicals helps us fight the virus. It is necessary to know about the things to consider before buying a sanitizer and know all about it before buying it.

Social distancing and putting on masks is something that everyone should practice at such tough times. Wearing masks is important; whether it be clinical masks or mask with HEPA filters. Let us fight the COVID-19 and come out stronger.

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