Why Use CBD Wax Packaging Boxes: How to Promote CBD Wax on a Budget

cbd wax boxes

CBD Wax is basically a sort of cannabis concentrate that gained a lot of popularity because it contains a high concentration of CBD. Since CBD wax is highly concentrated. It allows users to get higher doses of CBD while they consume or ingest less and get the desired dose.

Today so many people are looking for CBD wax because of its endless benefits. It provides a cure to health conditions like depression, anxiety, inflammation and others. The high demand for this product will surely give your business. So, there is high demand, but also a high level of competition between cannabis brands selling CBD wax. This makes it neither easy nor very tough for a startup to make its way in selling CBD wax. If you’re looking to launch your CBD wax under a budget and worried, then there’s a solution to this problem. You can create amazing CBD wax packaging that attracts, informs and converts well – while not drilling holes in your pocket.

CBD Wax and Its Packaging

Indeed, custom CBD wax boxes are the ideal channel to grow your cannabis brand and sell CBD wax-like hotcakes. But finance also seems to worry you. Before going further in our budget-friendly conquest to CBD wax packaging, let’s explore tailor cartons for CBD concentrate. From a product detail display point of view, the packaging must:

  • Highlights the type of CBD wax present inside the box by boosting visibility
  • Effectively showcase constituents and benefits of CBD very directly
  • Tell a little story about your cannabis business or brand on selling CBD wax
  • Guide on product specifics such as the net weight, quantity and concentration of CBD in the wax
  • Bullet pointed instructions on the usage
  • Clearly state brand’s name in big typography
  • Eye-catching display cannabis brand’s logo and tagline to communicate identity and values

Every year many businesses are appearing in the sector and create a tough time for existing brands. Designing and structural packaging are the primary concern for all CBD was businesses.


Promote your CBD Wax Brand Under Set Financial Budget

Four things can dramatically save your costs while creating custom CBD wax packaging boxes that are one of a kind. First two are the shape and style of the packaging. If you choose popular and straight forwards shapes and styles then costs will go down. For example, a CBD wax packaging box in square shape and tuck-end auto-bottom style is easy to make for many manufacturers. The competition between box manufacturers creating this shape and style is high, so their charges are competitive, which will fit your budget. Moreover, such popular cannabis packaging shapes and styles are very functional at the same time.

The third aspect that affects costs a lot is the material type you choose for creating CBD wax packaging. Packaging materials like kraft and cardboard are ideal to do this in a budget. To be more specific, the kraft material will be a natural brown kraft with a graceful coarse texture. Whereas, the cardboard will be plain paperboard and not a corrugated one. These materials are actually very light in weight. And by the benefit of this lightweight, you can save a lot of shipping costs. Moreover, the imprinting looks great on both the materials if done the right way. This is how intelligently selecting your material will save you costs.

The fourth aspect that helps you stay under a budget is the printing of your CBD wax packaging boxes. A lot of brands miss out on doing proper research on different types of printing and their costs. Also, they do not realize that going minimalistic in printing these boxes has two benefits. Minimal printing not only saves you money due to less ink used, but it also bestows uniqueness and elegance to your cannabis packaging. Some brands are doing an extremely great job at this. Moreover, you must have noticed that brands that choose kraft material for packaging already go for minimal print designing. It’s because the coarse texture of kraft is very graceful in itself that too much ink printing looks bland on it. Also, the type of printing technique your packaging service provider uses affects prices too. For this, you can sit with the printing experts and see what printing technique can save your costs. And without compromising the quality and aesthetic appeal of printing.

Necessary Labeling and in Aesthetical High-Tech Printing

The rapid growth of cannabis brands has made buyers to act very choosy and intelligently. They seek information on CBD wax products to buy only that which suits their mind.

For this, printing plays an important role. Ideally, to print CBD wax packaging boxes, you should go for:

  • Offset printing
  • Digital Printing

How will a customer that scrutinizes CBD products to suit their needs, buy your CBD wax? Of course, by reading the details and labels of conformity for genuineness. You cannot deny the value of this aspect, especially in the cannabis industry. Here are a few most important aspects to keep in mind while printing CBD wax packaging boxes. It’s because if the strict laws. Different states in the US that have legalized use of CBD for medicinal purposes bound cannabis brands to properly label. Let’s explore the most important aspects:

  • Use symbols such as:
    • The diagonal line on the Cannabis leaf: It means THC free
    • Two leaves linked by a brand: It means 100% natural
    • Grass-like drawing: It depicts non-GMO
    • Water Droplet: It means 100% pure
    • Tick mark in a circular boundary: It stands for GMP Certified
    • A flask bottle sign: It stands for Lab Tested
    • Three stars: This refers to Made in the USA
  • Ingredients labeling of the products in question, which is CBD wax in our case
  • Name of the CBD wax distributor
  • Who is it the product is intended for
  • Claim health benefits but do not overstate such facts
  • Active amount of CBD per serving

Such info supports the business in making its way to the target buyers, reflecting how the tailor cases inform the business.

Accuracy of Labels

Customers often double-check that the CBD wax’s concentrations on the Certificate of Analysis COA match what’s stated on the product label. It’s because inaccuracies in labeling are a common issue with CBD products.

One study showed that only up to 31% of products in the cannabis market are labeled with accuracy. Researchers found that about 43% of CBD products have a higher concentration of CBD than stated. The total number of products analyzed was 84. Also, about 25 percent had less than claimed concentration of CBD.

So, you must be looking to build trust and build a strong cannabis brand reputation in the next 20 years. For this, try to be as accurate as possible in the labeling of your CBD wax packaging.

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