A fashion mean select or chose the trending things or modern things its may a dress, watch, shoes, jewelry etc. Weather effect the trading of things that become a fashion. Fashion has changed with every next coming weather.

When a Weather change  all trends will change with the weather.

Education pays an important role in fashion. Another simple definition of Fashion is that fashion is a Sense of human that man women or may another Gender  Feel  to try for himself to look different from others.

Why Fashion take place in our life:

We wear cloth to protect himself from cold, rain and snow. And improve our lifestyle

Weather particles infect us. For saving himself from these partials  we use dress.

There are different weather sessions like as summer autumn winter etc

We change fashion according to weather and select the best  fit for the weather

physical attraction:

Human always need attraction of other peoples and always try to look different from the other people that around its self. For achieving this goal they chose to fashion and try different thing that make it special and differ from others.


Our  fashion reflect our emotions. When we happy in mood we fully dressed up and use dark color in other case if we sad we never try to dress up himself try to ignore peoples

Religious expression:

Every nation has its unique fashion according to their religious. This type of fashion show their connectivity with their religious. For example  Orthodox Jewish men wear long black dress an and a Muslim Women cover their heads with long white cloth and moreover they prefer Vail. In this way fashion effected on  religious.

What is Fashion Design?

Fashion design is an art to design the Cloth or other thing  a person that design the fashion known as fashion designer. Fashion designer be aware  of the fashion design market. He always designs according to trading market.

Categories of Fashion Design:

haute couture :

This type of design is a specific design for the specific person means size  quality all of these already define. it lemmatized the fashion.


This  type Design for the general  customer. Standard sized, not custom-made, so they are more suitable for large production runs.

It farther divides into two categories


higher quality and finish as well as a unique design.

Confection collections.


What is fashion in simple words?

Fashion is the form of clothing, accessories, and furniture. It can be used by everyone. It is related to culture, For example, we have warm clothes in the Swedish fashion and we have thin clothes in the African fashion.


What is the main purpose of fashion?

“The purpose of fashion is to negate our persistent fear of death. Decorating ourselves in particular things helps to craft an identity, which creates the illusion of permanency. If we buy things, and we define the way we look, it makes our existence feel more real and

Is fashion an art?

Historically, fashion has rarely been elevated to the same stature as painting, music, sculpture or architecture. But fashion is one of the purest expressions of art because it is art lived on a daily basis.



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