The movable articles that are used to make our living place or office suitable for  living or working in such as table or bed

in other words

Movable object  intended to support human activities such as seating (chairs, stools and sofas), eating  or study(table) and sleeping (bed).

It can be a product of design and is considered a form of decorative art.

Its become a Fashion to improve our lifestyle in society

Type of Furniture:

  • Seating
  1. single seat
  2. multiply seat
  • sleeping and lying
  • entertainment
  • surfaces
  • storage
  • sets

Type of Furniture by made material:

  • Wooden Furniture
  • Bamboo furniture
  • wicker furniture
  • Metal furniture
  • acrylic furniture
  • Glass furniture
  • Concrete furniture

What is Furniture Design

To design a piece of furniture is called furniture designing

set of drawings done to show how an object looks and functions before it is made

Every piece of furniture that a furniture designer creates must serve few purpose like it must be functional practical comfortable and attractive.

Every new furniture design start with a basic concept or idea  a designer first create basic idea of the furniture and then done its drawing and made up material mean which item is used for made this item then finally it’s will be done.

What is the role of furniture in the interior design

Furniture matters the most when designing a space. Its important because interior design is concerned with the design of spaces and what makes the space is furniture. Every furniture made according to the user requirement and need to keep in mind the function of the certain furniture.

Function determines what a space should be like. Function determines how furniture should be example for  sleeping one would need a bed, for seating a chair etc


What are the best online furniture stores?

31 Best Online Furniture Stores to Bookmark Now

  1. Anthropology
  2. Etsy
  3. West Elm.
  4. Amazon.
  5. World Market
  6. Target.
  7. CB2.


What is the most popular furniture?

The 10 most popular furniture pieces that everybody is coveting

  2. RATTAN FURNITURE SET. See: Six key bathroom trends for autumn 2020, according to Victoria + Albert.
  7. 24 HOUR CHAIR.
  8. HOME BAR.

What is trending now in furniture?

Industrial-inspired designs, leather upholstery, dark wood, denim, and textured fabrics add variety and visual interest to new furniture. Try these looks in the living room or dining room, or bring it into the bedroom for a bold refresh.

What is the most important household furniture?

Seating and tables. Two of the most important things in a home are the seats and tables, which keep the space comfortable and organized. Couches, benches and chairs are some of the most important items that most of us have in the living room, along with a wide coffee table.

What does dresser mean?

dresser is a piece of furniture with several drawers that’s used for storing clothes or other things. You might have a dresser in your bedroom that’s full of sweaters. In the US, the word dresser almost always refers to a tall, upright type of furniture that’s fitted with sliding drawers.






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