Georgios Sotiropoulos got his 2nd WSOP Bracelet In online FLIP & GO Event


The Flip & Go tournament was new; hence it was a fascinating one. There were 10 stages of the flip, and three cards were given to each player. In the pre-flop round, each player discards one of their cards before moving all in. Once each player have discarded their cards, all hands were exposed. After this, the flop, turn, and the river cards were dealt out.

The flip stage in the tournament continued till the field of 6,368 entries were limited to 326 players who advanced it to the “Go Stage.” Each player was given a stack of 40BB with which they had to play their entire standard No-Limit Hold’em tourney. This stage was played with 5-minute blinds and no intervals, setting the stage for a fast-paced tournament that finished in under three hours to crown the WSOP bracelet winner

Georgios Sotiropoulos, a Greek poker player, was the winner of Event #6: $200 Flip & Go and won the WSOP championship and a top prize of $117,022. This was Sotiropoulos second WSOP title. He won his first WSOP gold bracelet in No-Limit Hold’em 2015 Europe. With the second win, he has now earned $2.9 million in tournament profits to his name.

WSOP Online Flip and GO Final Table Action

When nine final poker players left, Georgios entered into the WSOP online table with the second chip position behind Erwann Pecheux. He took the lead on the very first hand, when his cards A A, beat out the KK of Wing Tat Yeung. An Ace on the turn street gave Sotiropoulos an advantage which he kept throughout the river street, and Yeung got defeated in 9th place with $14,805. Five minutes later, he also added to his lead by eliminating Markus Prinz in 8th place for $19,171 and Quentin Roussey in 7th place with prize money of $24,824. 

The following huge hand was a three-way all-in. During the early stages of the virtual event, Erwann Pecheux had come to the bottom of the leaderboard. With 7 5, he got in with his final chips. Wiktor Malinowski, a regular in high stakes cash games player, was all-in for a greater pot size with Chris Moorman – the two-time poker championship bracelet winner. Moorman had A K♠, whereas Wiktor Malinowski has A 10. The community cards on the board were A 8 7 Q J. Moorman’s Aces with kicker cards as King were enough to win the whole pot. Pecheux came in 6th place and won $31,145, while Malinowski won as 5th place finisher and earned $41,624. 

Despite winning the pot and narrowing the field to the final four players, Moorman’s race to his third WSOP poker bracelet ended in 4th place. With K Q, Moorman went all-in with his last BB, whereas Sotiropoulos went all in from the SB with J 8. With 10 3 8 Q on the boards, Sotiropoulos with Q-Q defeated Moorman with $53,898. 

In the three-handed play, Sotiropoulos was leading the play. From the SB, he moved all-in with QJ and Michael Van Elsacker, who was short-stack called off his last four BB with A 10. The community cards were J 10 6 9 Q. Elsacker was knocked out in 3rd place ($69,791), and Sotiropoulos won with a bigger pair.


WSOP Head-up Play

Heads-up play started between Sotiropoulos and Yen Liang Yao. Sotiropoulos was in a chip lead with 4:1. Before the final hand of the tournament, the gap was narrowed somewhat. With less than 15BB, Yen shoved with K10♣. With A♣ 6♣ Sotiropoulos snap-called. The flop came K 9 5, which gave Yen a lead with a pair of Kings. But, A♠  on the turn street gave Sotiropoulos back in the WSOP game with A-A. The 7♣ on the river street was no use to Yen and won $90,372 as the runner-up, and Sotiropoulos won the title.

Final Table Results of Flip & Go

  1. Georgios Sotiropoulos: $117,022
  2. Yen Liang Yao: $90,371
  3. Michiel Van Elsacker: $69,791
  4. Chris Moorman: $53,898
  5. Wiktor Malinowski: $41,624
  6. Erwann Pecheux: $31,145
  7. Quentin Roussey: $24,824
  8. Markus Prinz: $19,171
  9. Wing Yeung: $14,805

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