Guide to Repairing iPhone 8 Plus Screen

guide to repair 8 plus screen

Is your screen cracked?  If that is the case, you need to get your screen repaired.

With rapidly advancing technology, companies have started to focus on responsiveness that has led to glass screens becoming more fragile. Don’t worry, you can repair and replace your screen easily at home. This extensive guide will help you to fix your screen in just 30 minutes.

Tools you will need 

Before starting the process, you need to have these tools to make your life easier.

  • Spudger
  • Suction cup /suction handle
  • Pentalobe Screwdriver
  • Tri-point Y000 screwdriver

Basic Steps 

iPhone 8 plus screen repair can be tricky, considering minute details you need to take care of. Exactly why these basic steps are compulsory to follow!

Experts recommend draining your battery below 25% to avoid any incident related to the lithium-ion battery. Once you have made sure the battery is drained, you need to power off your iPhone before you move to the disassembly.

Your next target is those two small screws next to your charging port. Lose those screws with the help of a Pentalobe screwdriver available in any of the iPhone replacement kit available.

How to Lift your iPhone 8 Plus Screen

Here comes the part where you have to show your strength and one of the most important steps in the iPhone 8 plus screen replacement. To lift your screen, you need a suction cup. Remember, if your screen is seriously cracked, cover the screen with tape to eliminate the risk of future harm. Moreover, make sure you don’t place the suction cup at your Home Button, which can severally damage it.

A great practice is to preheat the lower edge of the iPhone. Let us explain to you why. The screen is stuck to the phone’s frame by an adhesive material, which can be softened by heating.

Now lift your screen with the suction cup and place the spudger between the aluminum frame and the screen. This step seems easy, but you can damage your Home button or any display’s flex cable if you move the spudger too close to them.

You can easily remove the adhesive by moving the spudger and then gently lift the screen.

Note: Don’t lift the screen more than 15 degrees, or you might damage some cables.

Disconnecting the battery

It is recommended to open the display by swinging the display like a book. You will be able to see the iPhone’s interior, including the battery and the cables connected to the screen. To completely disconnect your screen, you have to unplug cables and screws.

4 Phillips screws are to be loosened by Phillip’s screwdriver. Carefully lift the battery connector under the cover with a plastic spudger. Make sure to keep track of all screws throughout the process.

After removing the lower display bracket, connector cables are exposed. Utilize the tip of the spudger to remove both lower display cables. By this, you have successfully detached your iPhone 8 Plus screen.

Disclaimer: You need to bend the cables so that they don’t accidentally make contact with the power supply.

Removing the Front Panel Sensor

Moving further, the next step in your iPhone 8 screen repair is to disconnect the front Panel Sensor that is held by two tri-point Y000 screws. Use the Tri-point Y000 screwdriver available in the repair kit to loosen these screws, and then your spudger to detach the connector cable.

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You can now successfully detach the screen from your iPhone.

Remove the home button from the screen 

This is one of the essential steps when it comes to iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement. People often don’t emphasize enough on this step and end up losing their home screen.

To fully remove the home button, you have to remove the screws that are tightened. After removing the bracket that secures the ID sensor, you have to flip the screen and apply heat around the home button using a hairdryer or any other suitable object. Do check you don’t overheat the Home button that might cause serious damage to your piece. The heating will allow the sensor to soften and be easily removed.

Now gently remove the adhesive holding the home button. You will be able to remove the home button, but make sure all the cables and plugs are detached. You can use an opening pick to separate the cables to the backhand of the panel. Lift the touch ID by lifting it by the spudger and place it somewhere safe.

Replacing the Screen and reattaching the parts

The last step is to replace the screen with a brand new one you have already bought. You have to attach the parts in the same order you removed them, starting from the Home Button, making your way to the battery and cables.


The above guide has been compiled after thorough research and speculation. These are the fundamental steps to take to Apple Repair. Make sure to keep all the parts safely while detaching and keep track of everything you do so that you don’t have to face problems later during reassembly.

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