How To Choose The Best Water Purifier

How to choose Best water purifiers

How To Choose The Best Water Purifier

Pure Water

As we all know that water is the most essential fluid for all known forms of life. It is vital for a healthy and well-nourished human body. Well, it depends on physical activity level, age, environmental condition, and health-related issues but we should drink min. 8 litres of water every day to keep us hydrated.

Along with the quantity of water, we should also take care of the quality of water. So, have you ever thought about the purity level of water in your area? Is this safe for drinking or not? Is it causing any waterborne diseases?

These days, Water purifiers have become one of the most important necessities for every home in order to maintain the quality of water by removing toxins from it and prevent dehydration & waterborne diseases as well.

At the same time, choosing the Right Water Purifier is perhaps a big concern among many people. Everyone needs to know about the factors which should be considered while buying a water purifier. So, this article will guide you on how to choose the best water purifier.


Types Of Water Purifier

Types of purifiers

There are various water purification technologies in the market. So having a good understanding of these technologies is very important to choose a good water purifier. Based on water quality and your budget, you can choose between RO, UV, and UF water purifiers.

  • RO Water Purifiers

RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. These purifiers come with a selectively permeable membrane and contain a          TDS controller. These are suitable for those areas where the TDS level is high. It helps to remove heavy metals,            Arsenic, Fluorides, salinity, hardness, and other toxic impurities from water.

  • UV Water Purifiers

These water purifiers use a high-power UV lamp that removes water contaminants from water and makes it safe for drinking. Usually, UV water purifiers are used to purify tap water and municipal corporation water. It can’t remove dissolved impurities from water.

  • UF Water Purifiers

UF water purifiers are gravity-based purifiers. These are generally used in those areas where the TDS level is low. UV purifiers are budget-friendly and don’t require power to operate. It helps in removing bacteria, dust, and chlorine from water.

Important Factors -Best Water Purifier

Impurities of water

There are some important factors that should be considered while buying a water purifier. These are the following:-


  • Quality Of Water

As we all know the quality of water is much more important than the quantity of water. Good quality water helps in maintaining the body volume, better brain functioning, maintains energy level, and flushes out toxins. Along with these advantages, there are so many beauty benefits of drinking good quality water.

So, in order to buy the right water purifier, you need to look closely at the quality of water in your area. If the water has a high TDS level, hardness, salinity then RO water purifiers will be the right option for you. It helps in removing the tiniest of water impurities. But if the water has a low TDS level and you are looking for relatively low budget purifiers then you should opt for a gravity-based water purifier i.e.UF purifier.

If the water of your area is contaminated with viruses, bacteria, and other disease-carrying microbes (you can go to the laboratory for testing) then you should choose RO+UV water purifiers. The selectively permeable membrane of RO helps in removing the impurities from water and the UV chamber helps in killing almost all the microbes present in water. In this way, it makes water safe for consumption.

  • Essential Filters

If the water in your area has a bad taste and smell then some essential filters would be a  very important factor to be considered. Some filters such as pre-carbon-filter, post-carbon-filter, pre-sediment-filter, etc. must be there in a good water purifier. Pre-sediment filter helps in removing tiny particles from water, pre-carbon filter absorbs harmful organic impurities and makes water pure. Similarly, a post-carbon filter helps to enhance the taste of water.

In this way, filters play an important role to improve the quality of water. So check for essential filters to choose the best water purifier.

  • Water Storage Capacity

Before choosing a water purifier, you should have a rough idea of the quantity of water you and your family members would need to meet your daily requirement. It would help you to select water purifiers with perfect size and storage capacity according to your needs.

The automated water purifiers with higher storage capacity would be a better choice as it starts the purification process as soon as the predefined water level in the purifier declines.

  • After-Sale Service And Maintenance Cost

You should select some trustable brands popular for providing better after-sale service for purchasing an affordable and reliable water purifier. A water purifier is a machine and obviously, it can create problems. If something goes wrong with your water purifier and its company provides poor after-sale service then it will create many problems for you. So, it’s a wise step to get all the information about after-sale services provided by the company.

The maintenance cost of water purifiers depends on the technology it is based upon. It can vary depending on various factors like filters, the material used, technology, etc. So choose a water purifier that doesn’t need frequent maintenance.

  • Certifications

Looking for certifications is a better way to find an authenticated and trustworthy company. A good company/brand also has top certifications along with good reviews. For example, KENT has been certified with top certifications such as WQA, NSF, CE, and ISI.


Drink pure water

Now, It is no longer a difficult task to choose the right water purifier for your home. Just keep the above-mentioned factors in your mind and choose the best water purifier as per your requirement. Use pure and good quality water daily and suggest your family to do the same. Show your care to your family members and keep them healthy and energetic forever.

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