How to Connect Your Business With New Audiences


The way consumers behave today is vastly different than what it used to be. That means that businesses need to adapt their own marketing strategies accordingly, especially if they wish to remain relevant and add new customers. Services like Spectrum internet continue to grow every year not just by focusing on retaining their existing subscribers, but also by targeting new audiences. In the digital age, it is possible to overcome conventional marketing limitations and connect your businesses with audiences on a much larger scale. The trick is approaching this in a structured manner. While the specifics may vary from business to business, here are a few good starting points to work on:

Identify Your Ideal Customer

Also known as a buyer persona, identifying your ideal customer is the first concrete step to identifying the larger audience that will be the most interested in your product or service. If you want to optimize the use of your marketing spend and keep customer acquisition costs low, it makes sense to direct most of your efforts to people who may be most likely to buy from you. Spend some time thinking of what personifies your ideal customer based on age, income, gender, location, education, work, interests, and much more. This buyer persona will then help you target segmented audiences with more precision instead of the world at large.

Create Content Relevant To Your Audience

Once you have identified your target audience, you should be aware of what their needs are. You can now start creating relevant content crafted around your audience’s needs, and the specific pain points you wish to address. You should make use of a mix of images, videos, and texts, for a range of purposes from sales campaigns to branding to building domain authority. The more quality content you generate the more audience interest you will start to generate. 

Explore Channels Most Used by Your Audience

Most brands have a presence on one or two of the more popular social media platforms. But with consumers in the 21st Century, this is a very outdated approach. Of course, you should inhabit every digital channel in the world. But you should inhabit all of the ones your audience uses the most. This can range from Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook to Google, Amazon, and even third-party retailers. Whatever channels you use, make sure they see significant traffic from your target demographic.  

Obtain and Act on Feedback

Feedback is invaluable, especially if you are looking to add new audiences. Your consumers are the best source of information on what they need. So add plenty of options for your customers to offer feedback about their purchase and their buying experience. This information can help you improve your product or service for better success, and improve the customer experience you offer to ensure a higher rate of conversions or sales.  

Create Rewards and Loyalty Programs

You can keep acquiring new customers as fast as you want. But if you keep losing older ones in the process because you are not focusing on retaining them, you’re looking at what could quickly become an unsustainable situation. So, in your quest to add new audiences and revenue streams, your existing ones. Loyalty and reward programs aren’t just a great way to hold onto your existing clientele but also add new ones who see the benefits of being your customer well past the initial buying decision. In many ways, a loyalty program serves both the purposes of satisfying older clients while also attracting new ones. 

Work With Related Brands and Social Influencers

You’re probably not the only one with a following on social media. You may see brands from different but related niches that have sizeable audiences. Collaborative efforts can help you both cross-promote each other on your respective pages and platforms. Complementary products work particularly well in such cases, adding another layer of encouragement for interested buyers to take advantage of a great deal. 

Social influencers may offer another interesting opportunity for you to market both your brand and your product. It works best if you find an influencer with credibility in your niche, but most social influencers are open to endorsements and sponsored posts. In any case, you should be able to leverage their huge following to gain some brand visibility and website traffic.

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