How to load the truck? Moving advice

How to load the truck Moving advice

Loading the moving truck is like a puzzle, all the pieces have to somehow “fit together” perfectly so that everything arrives at its destination in perfect condition.  Our moving advice is that If you want to properly load the truck, you first need to make two estimates, as accurately as possible: estimate the total volume of your possessions and determine the size of the vehicle.

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Our Moving Advice for your home

If the truck is too small you will either have to make two trips, try to find help, or hire a second truck at the last moment. It would be a shame, not only at the level of your organization – where can I find a driver at this time? -But also in terms of your budget. If the truck is too big, you have paid too much for your actual need, and it will be more difficult to secure your furniture, appliances, and cardboard boxes. So prepare carefully is our Moving advice .

Moving trucks provided by rental companies may be fitted with straps and blankets, but it would be wiser to make sure beforehand. You will need it to protect and secure the load. Keep a tool kit with you (in the cab of the truck for example for μετακομισεις Αθηνα).

Load the Moving Truck Proceed methodically and according to the weight of the furniture and boxes, and their shape.  Load from heavy in the front to light in the back; if the rear of the truck is heavier, you will have counterbalance problems which can be dangerous.  The heaviest items are major appliances. Then load long (sofas, tables) and bulky furniture. Strap on as you go. Be present in all the steps of the move!

Every cubic centimeter counts;

To best load the moving truck, make the most of space by placing boxes under tables, for example, or light items on furniture. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. As for the drawers, you can leave them in place, empty or full. It is best to remove them if their contents are too heavy. Think about handling! Remember, if you leave them in place, to secure them with duct tape or turnbuckles.

Loading Fragile Items Mirrors

Protected by a blanket and if possible placed between two mattresses or the cushions of sofas and armchairs.  Tables: plan special packaging such as cornices and telescopic boxes, or even custom plywood boxes.  Beyond the general organization of the move, you have to think about the details.

Make a list of the materials and equipment you will need

Packaging, blankets (do not pack all the sheets and towels to use them as additional protection), straps, hand truck. If your budget is too tight to entrust the project to a mover professional, think about a partial solution where the movers load, transport and unload for you. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Each move is separate. Take care of your belongings, give clear direction to the transporters, and good luck.

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