How to Remove Mugshots from Google: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Remove Mugshots from Google: A Comprehensive Guide

Mugshots are images of a person’s face as he is taken out of a police station by law enforcement officials. These photographs are often in color and show the face quite clearly. The authorities use mugshots to prevent “photogenic trouble” in the future. Such pictures can prove to be extremely damaging for a person when they appear in the future in employment references, academic records, and general knowledge about that person.

This is why many people prefer to remove mugshots from Google. They are worried that they might end up losing their jobs because of that particular mugshot. People do not want to have their job prospects jeopardized or miss out on educational opportunities because of a mugshot.

Many people are afraid of having a mugshot on the internet. Because it’s a permanent record and can be made public, the person’s personal life can be impacted negatively. If the mugshot is associated with the person’s name, this can harm him or her and disrupt his or her career prospects. Having a mugshot can also impact one’s career in the industry.

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All major search engines such as Google make extensive use of mugshots as a source for websites. However, there are various techniques that you can use to have the mugshot of a particular person removed from the internet.Here, we list down the best methods for removing a mugshot from Google.

Remove your name first

While the company does have the right to be there, it must have the right to delete the information. However, some companies do not have the right to delete a record created by people. You have to take the first step by removing your name from Google if you do not want any personal information connected with your name. You can do this by signing up for Google Takeout, which will remove information such as your name, phone number, location, email address, IP address, and more.

Request removal of the mugshot from law enforcement websites

Google has launched a service that allows people to have this kind of information removed from its search results. According to a report, has donated $1.5 million over five years to the photo-sharing website that allows people to remove mugshots.

Start a WordPress Blog

A blogger will have control over all the rights and obligations regarding the use of this blog. Anyone who has a mugshot of any person will be legally bound by the terms of this blog and will have to abide by the rules that are provided by the blogger. This would help them protect the privacy of the person whose photo is on the blog. The blogger will have the right to share the pictures that are found on the blog with authorities.

This section summarizes all the steps that can be taken by an individual to have the mugshot of his or her own removed from the Internet. It is a tedious process and it is recommended that people who are suffering from the issue should consult a law firm who can guide them on the best course of action.

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