List Of Celebrities Who Rocked The Corsets Look

Celebrity Corset Look

If watching an engaging period drama set in Europe leaves you craving direly to go back in time and dress like one of those princesses in body-hugging corsets and floor-sweeping gowns then you are not the only one, we all have felt that way while watching period dramas. While science still hasn’t made time traveling possible, we can always bring the trend of wearing those glamorous corsets back to make ourselves feel like a royal princess from the past, or better we can experiment with the outfit and make the corset suit our contemporary look. Many celebrities have used this tactic of wearing corsets in a contemporary way and absolutely rocked the whole corset outfit look. Here is a list of celebrities who rocked the entire corset look with a quintessential amount of panache and made the heads turn with their glamorous look-

Kim Kardashian and her all-black corsets look

Celebrity Corset Look

Kim Kardashian is a pioneer of bringing back the corset trend into popular fashion. She owns a perfect hourglass figure and she never shies away from flaunting her impressive figure and hence it doesn’t come as a surprise that Kim is a big fan of figure cinching corsets. In fact, Kim Kardashian was already acing the corset look before we were even aware of the trend. On one occasion Kim Kardashian was spotted sporting an all-black diva look.

She chose a black corset top to add drama to the look. Kim wore a demi-style corset with high-waist wide Pants and added black heels to compliment her outfit and complete the entire look. What made this black corset outfit look of hers extra glamorous was the voluptuous neckline of her demi-styled corset top, a neckline which not everyone can pull off with ease but for Kim Kardashian who always experiments with her outfit, pulling off such neckline with confidence was a cakewalk.

Elle Fanning and her braided half corset 

Celebrity Corset Look

Best known for her performance in the film – Maleficent in which she shared the screen with popular actress Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning was first spotted on screen in the drama film I Am Sam where she played the younger version of her real-life sister Dakota Fanning. Elle Fanning on many occasions was spotted sporting experimental looks with glamour and leaving a style statement with her outfit and looks. While she was an on-screen princess Aurora in the film Maleficient, Fanning never leaves an opportunity to appear as a modern-day princess with her glamorous outfits. Elle Fanning knows how to break fashion rules without catching the attention of the fashion police with ease.

At one event, Elle Fanning was spotted in black pants, a white romantic blouse, black mules and to take her styling game a notch higher, Fanning added a Piece De Resistance – the braided half corset to her outfit. The cute corset outfit besides highlighting her silhouette made her the center of attention in that event. If you are someone who loves to experiment with her outfit and mix various pieces to make a statement outfit. You should definitely look up to Elle Fanning and her dressing style.

Megan Fox and heart neckline corset 

Celebrity Corset Look

Our favorite actress from the Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series. Megan Fox certainly knows how to pull off an all-black look. In fact, Fox is consistently been spotted in an all-black outfit lately. Be it a casual day, or a date night with her bae Machine Gun Kelly or a full-on event. We see Megan Fox in an all-black outfit everywhere.

Seems like all-black is a styling mantra Fox is been relying on lately. But if you think that wearing black everywhere makes her fashion statement a monotonous one you are mistaken. For Fox knows how to make a distinctive style statement with every outfit of hers. Like the time when she sported a classic black heart neckline corset like a true diva. She paired this corset with pair of black straight pants and black stilettos. Through this hot corset outfit, Megan proved that if we wear it right black is truly an impressive color. Besides accentuating her looks the black heartline neck corset of Megan also convinced us to compliment the actress’s perfect figure.

Also if you are looking for inspiration for your date-night outfit. This all-black corset look of Megan Fox can prove out to your solution. This may sound a bit daring but if you wish to make your date-night outfit memorable. You can ditch that comfortable tee or button down for a lingerie-inspired, heart neckline black corset. Besides being an extremely versatile piece, this corset outfit can easily be paired with every kind of bottoms. You can pair this corset outfit with jeans, straight pants, or slacks. Also with this corset, you won’t have to think much over what accessories to pick. You can simply pick a sleek pendant or a layered necklace to go with it. And with the availability of plus-size corsets in the market, these days anyone can easily pull off a corset look with glamour.

Madonna and her Vaudeville-style conical-bra corsets 

Celebrity Corsets Look

Madonna’s pink satin conical bra corset is counted as one her of iconic looks. Designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, this corset-style outfit was worn by Madonna on the first night of her Blond Ambition Tour. It was organized in April 1990 in Chiba, Japan. While this was not the first time for Madonna to flaunt a daring outfit. It was certainly the outfit that made her a pop culture icon. When she first appeared in the outfit and sang and danced her way through the stage. The audience couldn’t help but announce the moment as one of the legendary moments in fashion history. The vintage corset outfit was an aesthetic mix of BSDM and Catholic imagery and was talk of the town the day after Madonna wore it on the stage. She wore the outfit with pink and green sequins and matching fringe.

This bra corset outfit of Madonna made an iconic fashion statement. It months of collaboration for completion of this outfit. The outfit was inspired by the bullet bras of the 1950s and the underwear-as-outerwear street style of the 1980s. Later in 2012, the outfit was sold at auction for $52,000 at Christie’s in London.

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