Prepare yourself for an online lecture; tips for teachers

The world is shifting from traditional schooling to more of an online teaching-learning process. Do you know why these changes are happening? Because with the advancement of technology and comfort of schooling getting easier and enhanced. 

That’s why the coming age students will totally depend on the online classes for their studies. However, we know in today’s fastest-growing era pupils know more than the teacher and they are highly smart. They better know how to use devices and what excuse to make if they are caught. 

Well, a good teacher needs to prepare himself every time he decides to take a class. No matter whether you have an online class or an offline class, preparations are mandatory. This can’t be skipped. But for online classes, the mentors need to be a little more attentive for performing their best. 

Let’s look at how educators can prepare themselves for online lectures and aid the students in helping with homework. 

● Organize and plan 

First of all, make a list of essential aspects to cover, what to bring to the class and what to deal with. Organizing your class is a must. It goes for conventional classrooms as well. A day before you have to take a class, prepare yourself with everything. 

Planning always helps you and lets you predict the difficulties that can come across. That’s why a teacher needs to figure out how 

the class will go and what are the requirements. Outline everything be it providing online assignment help or off-line help. 

● Check the connectivity before 

Technical issues are just like gambling money, we don’t know when we will lose it. Hence, just like the game, we have to play carefully. 

You can check the Internet connectivity a little before you sit to teach. Also, don’t forget to charge your devices entirely. Because whenever it comes to searching, it comes to the future of the generation and we can’t compromise with the success. For extra safety, you can also get power back in case of a power cut. 

● Keep a formal place 

Nobody wants to join a class where noise is coming from all around and children are playing in the background. This type of clumsiness is not at all acceptable in the working space. Remember you are not alone and some audience is judging you. 


They will also get affected by

your aura and settings. Hence choose a calm and comfortable place to take the video sessions. Clean up space and remove all the unwanted items from the table. Just keep your required pen, notebook, water bottle, and other important stuff. 

● Make notes and prepare props 

Before you start your lecture, you must have the notes with yourself containing what to teach and in which sequence. The profit of making notes will arrive when you forget a point. When you have the key topics and the main terminologies in front of you there are fewer chances that you will forget where you are to start and where to end. They act as your assistant throughout the lecture. 

Meanwhile, apart from notes, assemble all the props you will require. For example, if you are teaching friction, a ball, pen, and books can be your essential teaching-learning material. 

● Communication is the fundamental 

Generally, we come across such online classes where the student is a passive learner. Meanwhile, the teacher being an active learner is not that active to prove questions for the child so that he will answer them confidently. 

This needs to be decreased because if a teacher is not communicating the students will lose their interest and focus that you will need for no prominent result of the class going on. 

That’s why a teacher needs to grab all the above and below concepts besides what he has to teach if you are starting the class 

Ask them how they are and how their studies are continuing. These types of informal questions interest them and set a safe environment so that they can communicate with you. And fortunately, they will also answer you back during the formal discussions. 

● Motivation is always employed 

Motivating your audience and incorporating in them the sense of responsibility and learning does not have any competition. As a brilliant teacher, you must not negatively reinforce the child but should try to boost their confidence. 

You should make them realize they can do anything and perform much much better than they think. So be it giving some help with homework or online assignment help, you must always be there for the student. 

The teachers are those tools that cut and craft students’ personalities. They are the ideals of the learner. A single mistake can affect the audience in a greater way. 

Hence, you must always be prepared to provide the best knowledge and experiences to the child. Because he is going to build the future further.

Have a nice day.

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