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In many agencies or security systems, biostatistics parameters such as fingerprints, eye cornea, face, and many other body parts are used for identification.  Every individual has unique properties of biometric parameters. The face is the most idiosyncratic and visible part of the body among all which perform as a top separate factor for all human beings because research concludes that every human face possesses different features and specific points.

Science expands more secure systems based on the uniqueness of faces in which faces can be recognized as identification to unlock the security system. This process is called the recognition & identification technique. Identification of something means that you are capable to makes difference between different objects. Recognition & identification can be greatly ambiguous specifically who is not from a military background.

They evaluate based on standard development for minimum resolution CRT display.  The latest digital sensors (high-resolution) have reduced the standard size of this computation but still, the standard remains the same.

Recognition & identification technique necessitate scanning analysis and try to get matching results via biostatistics parameters which are formerly installed in the system of security. This recognition & identification technique involves the shape of the cheekbones and jawline, the distance between the eyes, the shape of the nose, depthless of the eyes, and many features. Some specific software designed for this purpose is called face diagnostic and identifying the application. These all parameters completely depend on the specific software called face recognition system.

Several different techniques are used for every person’s identification & recognition and among all fingerprint recognition is the oldest one. Agencies and many other security systems are using face recognition and identification technique for security purposes and get better results as compared to the oldest ones. This technique is manufactured in some mobiles and laptops and the public uses it as a password system. It’s successful to identify the particular person from airports, railway stations, shopping malls, and parties. Anyhow vein pattern is another way of recognition & identification. This is the simplest easiest and secure way for identification.  Palm scanning is the most perfect and convenient way of identification for people. All the access of the control system completely depends on the veins of the palm for recognition but it’s quite expensive. So this is the main reason this technique is mainly used for government, the justice sector, and the banking system.  Sometimes this method also becomes ambiguous due to hand geometry. Anyways till then is the most updated recognition & identification system that all depend on the shape of the hand and also add some feature of fingerprints.

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