The best hard drive recovery programs

hard drive recovery programs
Recovering deleted programs from hard drive, flash drives and external SD cards is a very expensive and popular service. A trip to the service center is a reliable and often the best option for solving this problem. But in some cases, when, for example, the hard drive was accidentally formatted. So you can seek the help of special software to recover lost data. If the so-called hands are in place, then your intervention will not lead to a worsening of the situation. In difficult cases, you can refuse to act independently and still turn to specialists instead of hard drive recovery programs.

Consider your Options for hard drive recovery programs

Let’s consider hard drive recovery programs for the recovery of hard disks which were distinguished by the efficiency, functionality, and availability clear to the average user. All utilities have excellent compatibility with Windows, and some can work with “Apple” and “Android” platforms. It is also worth noting that all this software is not easy to install and unpretentious to the system characteristics.

Recuva This is the most famous and “promoted” program for hard disk recovery .

For all its advantages, the software has a free license and competent localization. The functionality of the utility is extremely user-friendly. The basic tools are easy to learn even for beginners. The Recuva hard drive recovery program will carefully lay out everything on the shelves and display the necessary list. If you need to resuscitate, for example, photos, you will see only JPG, RAW, and other image formats, not the whole pile of data at once.
To facilitate the process, the utility provides a convenient and sensible recovery wizard, which can be pre-configured – for a beginner or a professional. If you need to resuscitate all the data, it is enough to start working with the team – to restore everything. Users are generally positive about the ability of this program to recover files from the hard drive. Convenient functionality and a sensible master assistant will not allow you to get lost in a large number of settings, and the speed of the utility will not let the user get bored. 

Why Recuva ?

The only thing worth mentioning is that the software does a great job if, after accidentally deleting the files. The hard drive is almost not used, that is, you need to recover the data, so to speak, in hot pursuit. Also, some users note that the program did not perform so well with a common error – “The disk is not formatted.” In this case, the chances of data resuscitation are significantly lower. Everything else is a smart, clear, and efficient program for recovering files from your hard drive and other external media. Recuva is for sure, one of the best hard drive recovery programs.
Disk Drill
The first versions of the utility were developed exclusively for Mac OS. The latest versions received support for the platform “Windows” and “Android”, and with a free license. Hard Disk Recovery Program “Disk Drill” competently revives your data, photos, videos and other information from formatted hard drives and other drives. In addition, the software has a friendly and user-friendly interface. Disk Drill will help any user who is more or less familiar with the computer.
The utility also supports functionality that is not burdened by free programs, such as creating disk images and working with them in detail. Users are positive about the capabilities of this program to recover hard drives and files,. Also both owners of Macs and Windows. Many were pleased with the speed of the software and user-friendly interface in many respects, and some were more than satisfied with the resuscitation qualities of the utility.

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