Tips on Designing the Perfect Eco Friendly Food Packaging


Among all sorts of packaging boxes, the food boxes are perhaps the most crucial ones. That is because they are used to package the food. This means they can have an impact on our health. Food packaging has a lot more purposes to fulfil as compared to the regular packaging boxes. 

At the same time, this specific packaging genre is far more sensitive than any other packaging. You must meet much higher standards of quality and hygiene here because they can directly impact the buyers’ health.

Here are a few things that you must consider while ordering the food packaging sleeves for your brand from a packaging company.

Make Sure they Follow the SOPs

 In your pursuit of hunting down the best packaging company for your food boxes, you must ensure that they follow the important SOPs. There are some regulations specific to the manufacturers of food boxes. They must follow some SOPs strictly when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene on site. Whether you are looking for the packaging of bakery items, restaurant take away boxes, chocolate boxes, or any other food-related packaging, here are a few important things you should ensure before finalizing your packaging partner;

  • Make sure that your packaging company follows all the accepted standards of hygiene. They should meet the requirements specific to the food packaging industry.
  • Special arrangements should be made to ensure that the packages are made in the cleanest possible environment.
  • Above all, the packaging company must not use any such material in the manufacturing of boxes that can contaminate the food in any way and prove harmful to the health of the users.
  • Specifically, you should ensure that the company uses only BPA free material.

The Food Boxes should Seal the Freshness of Food Items

This is especially true when you are dealing with perishable items. The food boxes must seal the freshness of the food items so that they help increase the lifespan of the food products. 

This can be ensured only when the food boxes provide a secure closure. They should seal properly so that the freshness and the taste of the food products are retained for longer.  This can also be made possible by adding an additional foil on the inner side of the boxes. All the possible prerequisites should be tried to make sure the food’s taste does not change even after a while and the quality of food items remains unaltered.

Your Food Boxes should Serve as Your Branding Tool

The custom printed food boxes are an ultimate necessity for furthering your brands, especially in such a competitive market. You should design them well to represent your company. They must show off your logo in the most attractive way.

Go for a box manufacturing company that has skilled and innovative designers. They should be capable of designing boxes that have high aesthetic appeal. Novelty is the key to success when it comes to successful packaging and branding. 

Your box supplier should use the highest quality printing equipment and the finest quality inks to make sure the final results are stunning and yours.

Only Use the Eco-Friendly Boxes

The wholesale box manufacturers offer all sorts of manufacturing materials. You should opt for eco-friendly and biodegradable options. This has dual benefits. It helps safeguard the products against contaminants. The eco-friendly options like recyclable cardboard or eco kraft are safer for packaging the food items as compared to plastics and other synthetic materials

Besides, the other obvious reason to go for the biodegradable packaging material is that you do your planet a favour this way. And actually, you are doing a favour to your future generations by giving them a better, safer home to live in. Help reduce the carbon footprints on your planet by opting out of the non-degradable packaging trash. 

However, there is yet another reason to choose eco-friendly boxes. They are a means of earning goodwill for your company as the buyers today are conscious of the impact their purchase behaviour can make on the ecosystem. A huge majority today prefers eco-friendly companies over the ones selling in synthetic packaging boxes. Hence, going for the former can actually help boost your business by earning a good reputation for your brand.

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