Wall Tapestry When You Want a Classic

There are many ways to decorate the walls of a room with wall tapestry Over the centuries, with the invention of machines that do the work of handmade versions, tapestries have become affordable for everyone.. A good coat of the right paint color, lighting from a wall sconce, decorative clock, a nifty mirror, or some type of metal wall art or wall sculpture will bring out the personality of a room. I have used all of these techniques and more in the past when decorating for myself or others asking for suggestions.

Of all these forms of wall art, there is one decorative wall element that always comes to mind when I think of ways to bring true elegance to a room. The only art form that has the ability to take a room to the next level and beyond.

Tapestries have been around for many centuries, but this art form never gets old.

Because of this, the tapestries were only for economically well-off people. Over the centuries, with the invention of machines that do the work of handmade versions, tapestries have become affordable for everyone. Due to today’s mass production, quality never seen before, you have virtually unlimited choice when it comes to styles, themes, colors, and sizes.

To give you a good understanding of your options when looking for the perfect classic make your own tapestry to add to the ambiance of a room in your home, I’ll provide you with information on, for the most part, what’s available to you when you pursue the classic. tapestry of your dreams.

To do this, I will go over the types, artistic styles, and themes that wall hangings are available in. Once I introduce you to each of these topics. I will give you examples of what is available in each category.

I’ll start with the types of tapestries available. It has chenille, metallic, oversized, ensembles, textured, embellished, and wool to choose from.

o Chenille is soft cord with tufts of silk, cotton yarn that is used to weave quality tapestries.

o Metallic tapestries  woven with cotton thread with gold, silver details.

o Large tapestries woven with pure cotton thread.

o The sets are tapestries that are sold in pairs.

o Textured tapestries  pure cotton yarn and finished with a textured accent, such as leather or quilting.

o Cutout tapestries finished with glass beads, tassels, or fringed tassels.

o Woolen tapestries actually mixture of wool and cotton threads.

Next, we will take a look at artistic styles. The art style options you have are country art, fine art, and vintage art.

o Country Art features domestic and farmyard animals in picturesque country scenes wall tapestry. You’ll also find country cabinets, snowmen, Santa Claus, old farm scenes, and woodland and woodland animals.

o Vintage Art Tapestries – Recreations of early 20th century posters woven into a wall tapestry. These poster tapestries range from quirky stage costumes to fine wine billboards, from Rosie the Riveter to famous French champagne billboards woven into wall hangings.

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