What Exactly is Search Channel Optimization?

Search Channel Optimization is a term not many people are familiar with so far. All people keep hearing are terms like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and other related terms. Hence, through this post, Nico Digital will like to shed some light on this not-so-famous (yet) term-Search Channel Optimization.

By now search engine optimization has become a widely used term and we all know that is the process of optimizing the web pages of a website in such a way that it becomes easily indexed by the search engines and gets a higher position in the search results page. After all, a properly optimized page is more relevant to a search made and should rank higher than other sites.

But when it comes to Search Channel Optimization or SCO, it is the process of optimizing the web content of a website to get indexed on a specific search engine, in most cases on Google. The SCO marketing techniques are not that famous yet but people practice them without knowing. There are three very important parts of a successful and effective SCO marketing strategy. They are as follows:

  • Optimizing the content of your website for relevant keywords
  • Targeting low search volume keywords
  • Create posts about related groups of keywords


Does that sound familiar to you? Remember the part where we told you that people practice it without knowing? This is what we were talking about.

Also, you must be thinking what is all this fuss about keywords.

Using relevant keywords properly is a significant part of search channel optimization. If you have ever developed content, you must have used primary and secondary keywords in it. If you ever wrote an article, you must have tried to use keywords in the first 100 words. Though it remains significant, the usage of keywords has changed significantly over the years.

Using keywords with low search volumes is valuable too

We know that you want to use keywords as much as you want. And we also know that you must be thinking that you have been using keywords for a very long time and got great results so probably you don’t need any help in that matter. Well…sorry to break it out to you but you do need some help. While practicing SCO you must target the keywords with low search volumes too. You have to understand that they are equally valuable.

We get it, you want to write only for relevant keywords with high search volume. And by relevant keywords, you mean the keywords that people are using for searching. So go on and start with your keyword research process. But try to make use of only those keywords that have at least 1000 average monthly searches. Then you can use those keywords to create quality content for your website and get into the entire SCO thing.

For keyword research, if you are familiar with search engine optimization, you must be knowing that there are a lot of tools available online both on a free and paid basis to do keyword research. Such tools can also be used to generate reports related to the monthly search volume. And trust me, the tools are great. But what our point is is that, if you try to focus on keywords that are more popular compared to others it simply means that you are trying to target the highly competitive keywords. And the more competitive the keyword is the more difficult it will be to rank for it.

And if by any chance you do manage to get indexed, getting a high rank on Google is next to impossible. Honestly, you will be lucky enough to rank in the 10th page, but who goes beyond the first page?

Here is an example to make things clear a bit more.

Image showing keyword rankings

In this example, some posts have secured top ranks on Google. This result is generated by Semify. If you look at the example, you will see that 73 keywords are ranking for the Unfollow App post on Google. Now take a pause and think about it. If all the 73 keywords rank low on the search results page of Google, what difference does it make? A large part of the searchers doesn’t go beyond the first page of Google. None of the people searching for those keywords will not get to see any of the posts simply because they are buried deep down in the SERPs. So, you need to make efforts to boost the visibility of the keywords to make your SCO efforts work.

One way to do this is by using long tail keywords. Many people think that using long tail keywords is worthless. But that is so not true. Using long tail keywords with low search volume is considered a good practice to be followed by new blog writers. Making use of long tail keywords is very crucial for marketing purposes. People using long tail keywords to make searches are more likely to purchase the ones using short keywords. For example, a person who is using the term ‘long Kurtis in black color’ is more likely to purchase the one using the term ‘kurtis’.  So, in a way using long tail keywords can increase the rate of conversion for a business and an increase in the rate of conversion is an indication of a successful SCO campaign.

You can’t and shouldn’t target only one keyword

It is quite possible that when you are creating content for your website you are just focusing on one particular keyword but when it comes to results you will see that the same content ranks for several keywords in Google’s search result page. And the funniest part could be that the keyword you used ranks the poorest among them.

Considering this fact, it will be great if you target a particular group of keywords instead of just one. You don’t have to write separate content for all the chosen keywords in that group. For example, you don’t need to create separate content for ‘black Kurtis on discount’ and ‘black Kurtis on sale’, simply because on the practical side they are both the same thing.

You should review your website on a regular basis to find out if there is any targeting post on your site. If that is the case, it might be the reason why your SCO results aren’t exactly what you expected them to be. If you create different content for similar keywords, you will be competing with yourself in a way. Hence, reviewing is important to end this cannibalism.

Hope this post has proved to be helpful enough in knowing about what Search Channel Optimization (SCO) is and how you can practice it to get good results. To get updated about such interesting topics, visit Event Half Kg today!


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