What is a Smartwatch? How to choose one

What is a Smartwatch? How to choose one


The rapid evolution in technology is helping our society to grow everyday. These days, people are fond of the word ‘smart’ be it smartwatches, smartphones, smart television or other devices. Watches have been here since centuries and smartphones have become a necessity, so the combination of these two have proven to be exceptionally good.

Smart watches are in fashion, if you are the only one who does not yet have one and you want to get the best smart watch, you must think that these products are being extremely successful and it is not for less after the amount of functionalities they present. Today, due to technological advancements every electronic device from wireless earbuds, smartphones to smartwatches everything is in great demand.

What is a Smartwatch?

Smartwatch is typically an electronic watch that is worn on one’s wrist. It connects to your smartphone and keeps you constantly updated without requiring you to pull out your phone to check for notifications, updates, and other information.

Use/Need of a Smartwatch

Majority of smartwatches provide fitness and wellness services such as running gait tracking for health applications, heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring, and other sensor related features. Some offer a variety of mobile features, such as scheduling events, availability of applications, sending messages, and receiving calls.

Features of a Smartwatch

Before diving into the features of a Smartwatch. One must first decide the price that he/she is willing to spend in buying a smartwatch and then according to the requirements one must select. Smartwatches starts from the range of 2k-3k only but as features increases, prices increase. So, it is necessary to choose the best affordable smartwatch which fulfills our requirements.



1.Notifications & Alerts


Smartwatches are connected to one’s smartphone which helps to get notifications on the screen as well as alerts. This is one of the most important feature of a smartwatch.


2.Time related features

Time related features such as stopwatches, alarm clocks benefit the user as again and again they don’t have to look at their phones.

Besides from telling the time, smartwatches keep company with further time-related features, together with stopwatches and alarm clocks. Stopwatches/timers and alarm clocks are particularly useful to smartwatch users who utilize their watches for fitness activities.


3.Heart rate & Blood pressure monitors


Smartwatches help to detect an individuals heart rate as well as blood pressure when one is wearing it on the wrist. This is quite useful for people suffering from such diseases as it may help monitor the rate within seconds.


4.Physical activity tracker

Smartwatches are really smart, you know they help you track your footsteps. It also helps one track other physical activities like cycling, running, swimming. And this function is quite useful in our day to day life.


5.Calling feature

Smartwatches have an in built mic, which helps to make phone calls and also receive them. Some smartwatches allow us to make calls via Bluetooth connectivity.



This guide will help you choose a good smartwatch for yourself. So, if you are looking for a smartwatch do take these points into consideration and select the best fit for yourself.










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