Strategy is a tool that help to reach your goal and business strategy is a powerful tool to help you to reach your business goal. Different type of Strategies and Techniques you will define within your company. Business strategy help to guide many of organization decisions for example hiring new employees. Different Business have different goals and take different path to reach their goals. These adopted path known as business strategies.

Need of Business Strategy

A success of any company totally  depend on their strategy. An organization that tightly follow their goal and strategy that make a good name and good customer  value that a really and long term asset of the organization. All the organization that successfully work today they make their strategy’s and take decisions  like where you would like to spend money. The focus always on their clients. A Good strategy  help you to make good investment decisions.

A good businessman always focus on their strategy and always work on this on every next coming day.

What things include when you’re developing your own business strategy

clear  and long term strategy:

During making your business strategy you should be clear about your vision and also first consider the effect of these things on your business. Always make long term strategy because a time period require to get result on every newly applied strategy.


Existing opportunity in an organization is play important role to making strategy. Analyze this opportunity carefully and then take step to next to make strategy. First thing is that what the effect on the organization with making this strategy some time a new strategy led the firm to the  loss  and some time business totally  destroy.


A products or things that your firm should me made ensure that this product or service you plan to build is unique with clear differentiation and aligned with your business.


Compete with their competitors  is an important in business. If  your strategy is better than your competitor than you get more customers or services than your competitor and also compete it and get wining point from this organization.

All the thing make positive face of your organization in the marketplace, and also you win the trust of the people and people trust on your product

Time to market:

Evaluate the market and try to provide the good service in minimum cost again other firms.

Some time this strategy provide result beyond from the human thinking.

Human Totally depend on his health if he is healthy they work with routine if he is ill they never do more work.

Categories of business strategy approach:

Customer driven organization:

An organization that try to be close and ready to listen to the customer. This type of strategy try to provide all things to all people mean every customer need to fulfill against the customer requirement.

Market driven organization

Market driven organization base their own strategy on making conscious  choice to make sure how to serve and how they will add value. High performance organization always  adopt the market driven organization approach.


What are the three basic business strategies?

Practically speaking, only three basic business strategies exist: a cost strategy, a differentiated product or service strategy, and a focus on a niche strategy.

Strategic Questions to Ask?

  • Does your organization’s corporate responsibility strategy match the availability of your current resources? …
  • How often does your organization assess its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in order to understand the current business climate?


What are the 4 basic business questions?

The 4 Questions You Need to Ask When Starting a Business

  • Why are you deciding to start the business? This is the most important question to answer before you do anything else. …
  • What capital do you have access to? …
  • What do you know how to do? …
  • If this failed, would you regret it?





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